Potterton Assure System Boiler


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  • Outputs: 15kW and 18kW to suit most property sizes
  • Compact cupboard fit means it can be installed discreetly
  • Lightweight 28kg lift weight
  • Central flue for ease of siting
  • Flueing options of up to 20m allows for greater flexibility of siting
  • No special tools or replacement seals required for standard service

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ErP product information 

NOx  mg/kWh  31.4 32.6 
Sound power level, indoors  LWA DB  48 51
Space heating efficiency class   


Electrical supply  Volts/Hz  230/50  230/50 
Permanent live required  Yes  Yes 
Switched live   Yes  Yes 
Electrical power cable fitted as standard No No
Power consumption  Watts  46 56 
External fuse rating  Amps 
Internal fuse rating  Amps  F2HA250V F2HA250V
Ingress protection rating    IPX5D  IPX5D 
Boiler IP rating (electrical protection)  Approval category  IPX5D  IPX5D 
Integral ‘boiler only’ frost thermostat Yes Yes
Pump overrun Yes Yes


Wall mounting jig    Yes   Yes  
Isolating valves    Yes   Yes  
Gas supply connection  mm  22  22 
Central heating connections  mm  22  22 
Condensate drain connection  mm  21.5 21.5
Safety discharge connection mm  15 15


CH safety discharge pressure bar 3 3
Integral automatic bypass    Yes  Yes
Integral expansion vessel   litres   7 7
Maximum capacity of CH system   litres 120  120 
Compartment ventilation required bar  No No
Compartment ventilation required    Yes   Yes  
24hr pump exercise Yes Yes
Pump overrun   Yes  Yes 

Concentric flue systems 

Concentric flue diameters mm 60/100 and 80/125  
Standard horizontal flue kit length (ø60/100)  mm  685 685
Max equivalent length horizontal/vertical (ø60/100)  10 10
Max equivalent length horizontal/vertical (ø80/125)  20 20
Equivalent length per 135° bend  0.50 0.50
Equivalent length per 93° bend  1 1


Gross packaged boiler weight kg 30.6 30.6
Max installation lift weight  kg  28.06 28.06
Packaged boiler dimensions (WxHxD) 390mm x 700mm x 285mm


The Potterton Assure System is available in outputs of 15kW and 18kW to suit most property sizes. Combined with a compact cupboard fit and flueing options up to 20m, the Potterton Assure System can be easily sited, making it ideal for most social housing properties

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Designed for social housing, the Potterton Assure System saves you time, space and money by piping behind within the footprint of the appliance, whilst having front access to all components to ease maintenance and save time when servicing.

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